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Videos for New Members (and anyone else interested in KMUPC!)

The following videos and accompanying guide "So, You're Becoming a New Member..." are for persons interested in becoming members or who perhaps have just become new members of Kettle Moraine United Presbyterian Church. The videos and guide are also helpful as a "refresher course" for current members or anyone else who wishes to learn more about Presbyterianism and the Reformed Christian faith! 



The video clip below will cover the following topics:

(There will be short 20 second pause as this first video loads. This is normal. Please be patient.)




In the next video clip below, you will be given a brief overview of the history of Presbyterians in the USA.
You will see that ours is a church that is both diverse and inclusive.
This is one of our greatest strengths and also a constant source of tension. 



The clip below is an explaination of how the Presbyterian Church
is structured, always remembering that Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church!
Topics covered:



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